Realization of relocation of pipes on the old PL since April 27 till May 4.

master cylinder bolt tightening revision
revision of riverbeds
adjustment of the piping at the sliding cylinder of the press table
assembly of the structure on fire protection foil 4x
Work on the CKVP 4000 bending press
gutter finishing
disassembly, cleaning, replacement of KU bushings, possible turning of flanges and reassembly of punches-possible requirement for cooperation BTG-lathe for turning the diameter of the flange
check of clearances in the guide of the movable traverse – check of the availability of spacer plates
cleaning of stops, conservation and storage in BTG
check the overall condition of the press, cleaning
check the functionality of lubrication-dividers and lubrication dispensers
cleaning the column cover, lubricating the columns
inspection of anchorage to the foundation
Hydraulic equipment on PL and rolling mill
Checking the tightness of all joints and connections in the hydraulic system of the bending press and rolling mill, including the screw at the anchoring of the piping system
Check the tightness and tightening of connections and connections at the cooling system, including screws and anchoring of the piping system
Checking the nitrogen pressure in the accumulators
Checking the tightness of hydraulic elements on the blocks,
Rolling mills
Plug-in gearbox sealing (shaft seals of lower and upper shaft)
disassembly of the catch chain net and 2 pieces of longitudinal catch beams
disassembly of both cardan shafts
disassembly of M80 anchor bolts, which anchor the stand to the base frames
assembly of 2 connecting rods (jig) between the trolley and the stand
inserting 1 piece of bridging beam into the base rails
displacement of the stand by approx. 1240 mm with the help of hydraulic cylinders of the trolley.