Locksmith work

We offer locksmith work, manufacture spare parts for machines and equipment based on our measurements and our own production documentation in 2D and 3D
 we perform custom and serial production of new parts and assemblies
 we hold a certificate for accurate measurement on 3D touch machines
 we use CNC machines throughout the production phase of a new product
 we can also provide external grinding, quenching and tempering operations
 max. dimensions of parts 6x3m
 repairs, service and maintenance of industrial and power equipment
(eg: silos, reservoirs, hoppers, superheaters, tanks, heaters, heat exchangers,
boiler units, boiler chamber logistics and other pressure equipment chambers.)

We also provide:
CNC production at the 3-axis center
3D measurement of machined parts including logs on 3D coordinate machine
Crysta Apex by Mitutoyo